Scalable, Respectable, and Operationally Relevant

Cyber is an ongoing risk management process.  It is not a single action. Our approach is gradual, beginning with establishing a baseline then assessments, and progressing to more in depth courses of action.

OT and IT convergence across ships and marine terminals is vast and dissimilar, requiring patient and customized plans. Our team’s maritime experience, proprietary methodologies, and tools provide a unique capability to translate the highly technical language of cyber into operational impacts, relevant recommendations to policy, and risk mitigation.  

Our Advantage

Moran Cyber leverages over eight decades of Moran’s maritime leadership, innovations, experience, and a critical role in the global supply chain.

It should come as no surprise that cybersecurity, data protection, and industrial safety is an obligation to us and part of very same safety culture as our principals. We’re all in! Our team is purpose-built around the skills needed to mitigate cyber risk in maritime, trade, and the supply chain. Moran Cyber is a named maritime stakeholder and an established member of the international maritime family.