Cyber is an obligation for Moran.

Moran Cyber is a division of Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc., a globally respected maritime stakeholder with over 80 years of service to the international maritime community.  For over twenty years, Moran has pioneered information and IT security integration as a standard of care and quality. Moran Cyber offers an innovative shipping-focused solutions platform, combining our experience and the trust of our principals, with the experience and talent of OT and Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) cyber security, to offer holistic solutions by an experienced maritime team.   

It should come as no surprise that cybersecurity, data protection, and industrial safety is an obligation to us and part of very same safety culture as our principals. Our team is purpose-built around the skills needed to mitigate cyber risk in maritime, trade, and the supply chain.

“We must ensure the opportunities presented by modern ‘mega trends’ like digitalization, artificial intelligence and the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ are carefully integrated into shipping, balancing the benefits against safety and security concerns, the impact on the environment, on international trade, and on the human element.”

– Kitack Lim, Secretary General, International Maritime Organization, 4 June 2018

How We Help

We bring operational expertise and experience to bear to provide relevant solutions and value


Cyber Risk Management and
Platform Services


Converged Cyber, IT/OT, and Physical Security Solutions


Enabling Convergence of TPRM, OT/IT, and Physical Security

Our Value

Moran Cyber leverages over eight decades of maritime leadership, innovations, experience, and a critical role in the global supply chain to serve as an active participant and thought leader in advancing policy in local, national, and international maritime matters.

Our demonstrated value is proven through practical and operationally relevant approaches through our team of maritime practitioners and leaders. We work with our clients to establish a baseline, and to create plans of action that are respectful of safety, operations, and budgets while serving to create holistic security strategies and policy.  

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