As maritime industry practitioners, our mandate is to safeguard life, property, and the environment. It is the maritime way – operations, safety, and quality depend on it. We leverage established industry and NIST standards, maritime knowledge, and over 80 years of trust in Moran to provide solutions to mitigate and manage an ever-changing cyber risk.

Our Services Include:

Baseline & Advanced Industrial Cyber Security For Vessels & Facilities

Solutions to protect converged IT with controls systems, as aligned with the NIST framework and industry best practices

Cybersecurity Remediation

Architect, design, and implement cybersecurity remediation initiatives with clients

Strategic Planning

Technology investment plans development, review and alignment to cybersecurity requirements

Advanced Testing & Research

Advanced pentesting of OT/ICS/IoT systems, zero day exploit discovery, maritime emerging tech cyber assessments

Executive Seminars & Staff Training

Assessment-based workshops and tabletop exercises to learn from industry and academia

Emerging Tech – IoT

Research and review emerging technologies used in the maritime industry to help clients safely adopt to improve clients processes

Digital Integration of Cyber Systems

Safe and secure integration of maritime cyber systems